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5 Must Have WordPress Plugins

5 Must Have WordPress Plugins

WordPress has caught us all by storm since its introduction a decade ago as a leading content management system. The main reason behind its success is the unlimited customization options & ease of use. To use WordPress one didn’t need an extensive knowledge of coding as almost everything is laid out for you.

One of the most impressive features of WordPress is its extensibility using plugins, but choosing the right plugin is a hard & tedious task, especially if you are new to WordPress.

Similarly, you can have unlimited number of plugins but we wouldn’t suggest doing so, as this can affect the speed of your WordPress site & in worst cases outright failures (as some plugins might have conflicts with others).

In today’s post, we are sharing five must have WordPress plugins for every WordPress user to enhance website’s performance & traffic. So, without having any further delays, let’s jump into our five must have WordPress plugins:


5 Must Have WordPress Plugins - Akismet WordPress Plugin

Do you find it really difficult & tedious to deal with spam comments?

Do you want to protect yourself from spam comments?

If yes, then don’t look any further, let Akismet do the job for you. It checks your comments against Akismet’s web services for spam & lets you review, if found anything suspicious.

You can easily find these comments from your blog’s comments using WordPress dashboard. You must keep an eye on the items it marks as spam as sometimes it does mark genuine comments as spam.

Now you’ll find Akismet packed with WordPress installation but you’ll need to activate the plugin by creating a free API key.

You’ll find numerous plugins for the task but none of them matches the power of Akismet.

WP Super Cache

5 Must Have WordPress Plugins - WP Super Cache

Do you find your WordPress site getting slower & slower?

Why would someone visit a slower & lagging site?

Caching is a great technique to speed up your WordPress site and there is a good reason you must do this as soon as possible. Search engines do consider website’s speed as an important factor to rank your site.

Caching your site will definitely improve the performance of your website. Currently there are quite a number of plugins available for caching but we would suggest using WP Super Cache.

WP Super Cache will generate static html files form your dynamic WordPress site, which means users will get smaller files as compared to the heavier PHP scripts, resulting in less load on your web server.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

5 Must Have WordPress Plugins - WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is the most complete SEO solution for any WordPress site. It can really help in making your site rank better by adjusting a couple of SEO related settings for your site, posts & pages.

It’ll automatically ping Google & Bing search engines whenever there is some new contents on your website, it’ll also generate a sitemap for your website as well.

It has tons of features to offer like a snippet preview, social share options, custom meta description, custom SEO title etc. You can check your page analysis & address any issues explained in the most easiest manner possible.

Contact Form 7

5 Must Have WordPress Plugins - Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is another must have to be in your plugin directory. With the help of this plugin you can easily create most functional & varied contact forms depending on your requirements.

You can create as many forms as you want to, all you need is, just copy the shortcode generated by plugin & paste it into a new page or post. If at any time you want to update the form, add/remove fields you can easily do so without affecting the already generated & placed shortcode. In addition to other known form features, this plugin also provides you with the ability to attach files.

If you want to have an added security, you can extend the form capability by adding another plugin called, Really Simple CAPTCHA by the same author of Contact Form 7. This will enable the use of CAPTCHA in your forms, which the user must fill properly before sending the form.

Akismet can also be enabled for form fields so that you didn’t have to worry much about spam.

Top Commentators Widget

5 Must Have WordPress Plugins - Top Commentators Widget

This plugin can really make your readers come back & comment. This plugins encourages visitors to comment, as by doing so, the plugin will rank them among the leader board resulting in more activity on your site.

Aside from above five plugins there are tons of other available to do a specific task you want to achieve. These are the five which we usually install ourselves & advise others to do so.

Do let us know about your favorite plugins by leaving a comment below.


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