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Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 to be Powered by Tizen

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 to be Powered by Tizen

Samsung is rumored to announce Galaxy Gear 2 at Mobile World Congress 2014 next week and according to USA Today, it’ll be running Tizen, instead of android.

Tizen, much like Android, is an open source operating system, which is designed to run on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, notebooks, vehicles, smart TVs and other hardware.

Previously we have put some light on upcoming Mobile World Congress Event’s expectation and also mentioned that Samsung might be announcing their first Tizen powered device, and Galaxy Gear might be the device. Samsung is also said to be working on a Tizen based smartphone and we might see that as well at MWC next week.

Reports also suggest that it will be running an updated HTML5 version of Tizen. If the rumors are true, this could also help Samsung’s device appeal to Web Developers looking to make apps for the Galaxy Gear.

For Samsung, this will be a major shift from Android to Tizen which also raises questions about compatibility issues, like whether the smartwatch will work with other (non-Tizen) devices as currently we didn’t have any Tizen devices available right now. Similarly, this can also be a standalone device just like Pebble Smartwatch.

The Verge reported that Samsung could announce multiple Galaxy Gear 2 devices and if its true we may still see an Android Galaxy Gear device as well.

Why Tizen?

There is a good reason why Samsung is slowly moving towards Tizen from Google’s Android. Tizen is a project within Linux Foundation and is governed by Technical Steering Group (TSG) composed of Samsung and Intel among others, so moving to an in-house operating system may also be a way to reduce the price for the Galaxy Gear.

Still, these are just rumors and none of the information is official yet. Samsung will be holding an Unpacked 5 event next week on February 24th in Barcelona, and if the Galaxy Gear 2 is coming we might see the announcement there alongside Galaxy S5’s announcement.


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